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Winet Apps 6.14

The Winet terminal emulators, print servers and FTP package...

The Winet terminal emulators, print servers and FTP package is very configurable and has strong printing support. GPvNO provides fast professional support as required by corporate customers.

GPvNO has the expertise to develop custom features with short lead times. Terminals includes TN3270E, 5250, VT100/220/300, D211, HP700, T27/ET1100, ansi, SCO-ANSI, Linux console and UTS60.

Fully configurable keyboards, colors and mouse. Batch and automation enabled using Visual Basic, VB Script or similar languages. SSL/TLS and SSH security supported.

Print servers are 3287, LPD/LPR and sockets or IP printing. Most terminals has slave, through or back printing support. All print modules support a variety of methods and formats to handle print jobs.

Printouts may be formated, processed by third party applications or forwarded to other printers. Customizable install procedure. Remote management optional via HTTP or FTP.

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